“Little Ellen is bigger than me” says Ellen Birath in regards to her alter-ego. After an explosive debut EP (4 stars in Rolling Stone) the Swedish songstress is back in the studio, with a new release set for the fall of 2021. 

“She’s tougher, more childish and just has an unapologetic love for a good, strong melody”

But the two personas do share some striking similarities. Born in the early 90’s, both were raised on the outbreak of radio brit pop, the remnants of their parents’ record collection, a couple of ’Greatest Disco Hits’ compilations and several iPod Minis’ worth of mislabeled MP3s from Limewire and Napster.  Both left home for the big city at age 18 with a rock & roll dream, and both are trying to navigate the free market in the age of streaming. 

Little Ellen is not so much an alter-ego as a feeling, a way to canalise the pressure to succeed in the sweaty climate of today’s music industry, when all you really care about are beautiful melodies and their honest human response.